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A musical journey with The Franchize. Born in the state of Colorado in the city of Denver. With a wide variety of music ranging from Hip-Hop all the way through Latin, R&B and Dance music. Having a very wide range of musical ability is something I pride myself on. I started writing music from the age of 11 and it is undeniably now rising to the top. Performing for over 10,000 + in the Denver coliseum, to opening up for countless other big artists Nation wide. My music is showcased on every major streaming platform from Apple Music, all the way to TikTok and we are quickly gaining steam to be the premiere artists in the city. My music is now on over 5 Radio stations Nation wide including my own city of Denver. From the beginning until now it has been a process but from the first time stepping on stage in 2001 I have blazed a trail for my music career ever since.

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